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Tabby wrote:

> This has aready been done in Detonator Orgun, Macross 7, and (as Jason
> mentioned) Turn-A. I think the idea of aliens in Gundam could be handled
> best the way Megazone did it, where aliens are not trying to interract with
> Humans in anyway, nor do they want to, the aliens are just destroying
> colonies and anything other trace of Human civilization that gets in thier
> way.

The reason it works in MZ23 is because the aliens are a side note. Most of the
character interaction and even mecha combat takes place between humans, and that's
because the Garland is such a personal type of mecha. Something you can hide in a

I dont think you're going to hide a Gundam or other MS in a garage. As such, the
main mecha combat would be against the aliens. With aliens as the main
'antagonist,' you wouldnt get the same personal, compassionate view of their
motives and humanity.

Neil Baumgardner

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