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>What I would think would be cool as a new series Idea:
>The Titans are viciously hunting the remnants of the Zeon as former Zeon
>choose to go into hiding others to fight an impossible battle. This would
be a
>real cool Idea if they made a show about the hunting down of the Zeon though
>the titans. It would be a chance to see even more Zaku variations. Something
>along the lines of a Zaku Sniper or a Zaku Stealth, or Dom variations in
>the only way Zeon loyalists are able survive is through far range guerilla
>attacks or hit and run missions. Though I'm not sure what really happened in
>between 0079 and Zeta because, well.... I can't read japanese but I'm pretty
>sure the titan's did some pretty cruel stuff to the Zeons.
>- Roger

>What is the next UC Gundam, well there is enough of the One Year War we
>haven't seen yet to create an Australian "Rise from the Ashes" version of
>08th MS team, basically tracking a different MS unit through a different
>of the war. Perhaps track an infantry unit through the war Kondo style, 0080
>proved you can have a Gundam story without the principle characters being
>the Gundam pilot, or even an MS pilot. As long as there is one MS fight per
>episode, viewers are happy... They could also animate Blue Destiny, or take
>Terry Sanders back into space for Operation Star One to finish the war.
>One aspect of 0080 I always fancied as a game master for RPGs was the
>"Hunt for Red October" where the Zeon's were the russians... There were
>plenty of Yukon submarines left in 0079 at the end of the war, who found
>all those guys... Its purely GMs .vs aquamecha, no real Gundams here and
>there doesn't have to be.... no more retconns... we have enough left over
>from 0080, and the 08th MS team to keep everyone happy. Some people
>might call it milking the franchise, but you could just make different
>out of the same setting, and mobile suits, Paramount got a lot of mileage
>out of Star Trek next gen, by spinning off Deep Space Nine, and Voyager.
>They also have characters that can meet each other interact, and crossover
>this leaves them room to doubly milk the series because of the crossovers.
>Imagine how many times they can repaint the same GM kit as a different
>pilots GM if they had three 0079 series going on... three pilots per unit,
>maybe bit part characters, seems like 9+ kits to me... and you thought Zaku
>repaints were bad...
>Oh well time to go...

It *would* be nice to see a some resolution concerning the Zeon presence on
Earth, and revisiting the Titans with tragic-hero Zeon pilots is a really
tempting idea. On top of that, the aspects of planetside warfare overlooked
in the other space-war series would be fascinating, such as the Marine MS
designs and the oft-mentioned tropical designs. I really like the
ground-war aspect of 08th MS, but I think it could be explored a lot
further in final Titans-Zeon conflict on Earth.


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