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>> As for wether or not Gundam is due for a fight with aliens, Gundam has been
>> a human story from the beginning.... Aliens would ruin that...
>But, not if its a lost part of the human race... This lost part, with
>advanced technology, could appear to be aliens at first, but would turn out
>to be, once contacted, a lost group of humans, from our "true" birth planet.
>Meaning, Earth was not our first planet we lived on. What do you think?
> Aaron

This has aready been done in Detonator Orgun, Macross 7, and (as Jason
mentioned) Turn-A. I think the idea of aliens in Gundam could be handled
best the way Megazone did it, where aliens are not trying to interract with
Humans in anyway, nor do they want to, the aliens are just destroying
colonies and anything other trace of Human civilization that gets in thier

Although aliens wouldn't be building Gundams themselves (a break from the
previous "All Gundams" non-UC series), non-humanoid mecha have appeared in
nearly all the animation to date. It's certainly not difficult to see
Gundams waging war on alien fighter units and battleships.


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