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> As noted above, an awful lot of logical extensions to the series have
> already been made, in just about every aspect of the show. They just
> animated any of them, even though some have become integral parts of the
> continuity that may not be ignored.

A very good idea. Yes, there are a lot of non animated Gundam stories that
would make for some very good Gundam shows.

> And why ignore the FC and AW timelines? Just because Gundam-X was a bust,
> the whole universe is no good for story telling? That 7th Space War
> very interesting and, of course, there were six others before it.
> is more of a departure -- my only complaint, in fact, is that I can't
> really embrace it as a Gundam story -- but there's already been a lot said
> about Gundam Fight 7 that would make for an interesting anime.

I didn't know FC existed. I totally forget about AW. Another AW anime would
be nice.

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