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> Well, I don't very much occured other cleanup operations from the OYW. And
> since 0083 is the first big operation we see, I would think anything that
> does occur during 0081-0082 would small and isolated.

  That's why I asked that question. I just thougt of this, if 0081-0082 had
anything interesting, they would have made a short anime series about those
years, right? And if they made up anything, it would most likely mean
changeing already made history in Gundam, which is not a very good idea.

> I remember hearing about a Gundam version of Speed Racer that was being
> talked about in the back of some manga. Personally, I like this idea. It
> takes the likes of G Gundam from being a fight story on a planetary level
> a global competition with a real goal at the end. And I think nascar style
> GMs and Zaks would be awesome.

I like this idea, as long as it doesn't get corny or silly.

> Well, a lot of the UC manga I see (which isn't very much, I might add)
> to show small bush fire skirmishs where a new MS gets a chance to be put
> through its paces while the pilot fights for his/her life. A good general
> formula to follow. I would actually like the see less Gundam related OVAs
> and more GM related stuff, more in line with the likes of Dogs of War.

This would also be a good idea. I would like to see a GM Gundam side story


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