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>> That's really not hard at all: Interstellar Exploration. Every war in the
>> U.C. timeline seems to revolve around Earth's signifcance in the
>> colonization of space. To set up the Federation/Zeon model of conflict yet
>> again would be pointless. Evidently this idea was suggested in G-Savior,
>> but I really see deeper exploration of space being a strong point of
>> conflict for a new U.C. setting.
> I didn't think of this. This is a very good idea for a Gundam show. We
>could have a few self supporting colonies, meaning ones that need nothing
>from Earth, wit engines, sent out to explore space. Of course, the way human
>nature tends to be, they would probably end up being split into 2 factions
>and fighting each other for a period of time, while exploring space.
> Then, when they found a new life form and/or planet, they would probably
>stop fighting and colonize the planet. Of course, once they settle in and
>start having a peaceful life, they will probably want independence from
>Federation rule and then we would most likely have another war, similar to
>what went on with Zeon.
> What does everyone think of those ideas?

Here's a more interesting one, I think. A Minovsky "closed type" space
colony is converted into a generation ship and sent off to Alpha Centauri,
a trip that takes a century to complete. When they arrive, four
generations have known no other existence but the colony ship. As they
decelerate into the Alpha Centauri solar system, tensions begin to mount
among the inhabitants. The Rangers -- an elite group that has been
training in simulators the entire trip -- who will pilot the giant work
suits that will be used to dismantle the colony ship and build the new
settlement from its constituent parts and whatever raw materials they may
find -- begin to demand more and more say in the running of the ship, which
has now traditionally been in the hands of the Life Support Crew, who
control every aspect of life aboard the ship. As they come closer, long
range sensors reveal that the planet toward which they are heading is a
paradise of sorts, but that it's wild and dangerous, with an ecology that
has no niche for mankind and plenty of potentially hostile competition for
those same resources.

The question is raised: why give up our comfortable high-tech existence for
a live of endless struggle against a hostile environment, however
potentially good it might one day become? Battle lines are drawn between
the Haves and Have Nots of the colony, the former wishing to keep the
status quo and the latter thinking that anything must be better than more
of the same, complicated by those who see the settlement of the planet as
their Divine Mission and those who wonder why anyone really needs a planet
but nevertheless looking to change the way things are done....


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