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> Well we've had Street Fighter(G), Bishounen-Sentai(W), and I'm assuming X
> borrowed from another genre as well. Maybe Gundam is overdue for a war with
> aliens?
  That would be very a interesting idea for a Gundam show. It would to have
avoid over using over used alien vs. human cliches too much. The war with
aliens should be done as realistic as possible, to avoid it being just
another show about aliens. It could have view points from both humans and
aliens. The only problem is, a lot or enemy MS in Gundam, already look a lot
or somewhat alien. Its also not problem, we would get some fresh and very
different MS designs, then what's already in Gundam. Maybe the aliens could
introduce new MS, that forces humans to capture one of the aliens MS, in
order to build new MS to fight the aliens?

> That's really not hard at all: Interstellar Exploration. Every war in the
> U.C. timeline seems to revolve around Earth's signifcance in the
> colonization of space. To set up the Federation/Zeon model of conflict yet
> again would be pointless. Evidently this idea was suggested in G-Savior,
> but I really see deeper exploration of space being a strong point of
> conflict for a new U.C. setting.
  I didn't think of this. This is a very good idea for a Gundam show. We
could have a few self supporting colonies, meaning ones that need nothing
from Earth, wit engines, sent out to explore space. Of course, the way human
nature tends to be, they would probably end up being split into 2 factions
and fighting each other for a period of time, while exploring space.

  Then, when they found a new life form and/or planet, they would probably
stop fighting and colonize the planet. Of course, once they settle in and
start having a peaceful life, they will probably want independence from Earth
Federation rule and then we would most likely have another war, similar to
what went on with Zeon.

  What does everyone think of those ideas?



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