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Thu, 2 Dec 1999 17:02:12 -0500

What I would think would be cool as a new series Idea:

The Titans are viciously hunting the remnants of the Zeon as former Zeon aces
choose to go into hiding others to fight an impossible battle. This would be a
real cool Idea if they made a show about the hunting down of the Zeon though
the titans. It would be a chance to see even more Zaku variations. Something
along the lines of a Zaku Sniper or a Zaku Stealth, or Dom variations in which
the only way Zeon loyalists are able survive is through far range guerilla
attacks or hit and run missions. Though I'm not sure what really happened in
between 0079 and Zeta because, well.... I can't read japanese but I'm pretty
sure the titan's did some pretty cruel stuff to the Zeons.

- Roger

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