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>Does anyone here know a lot about Dougram? I want to know more about the
>series. I plan to buy Takara's new kits at 1:48 scale with small PEOPLE -
>whee!!! :)
>All I know is that their series of toys made up the bulk of the Robotech
>Defenders sets...
>Also: Their mechs are more well-known by their Battletech names (and they
>had a major influence on some ideas behind Zeta Gundam):
>Dougram = Shadow Hawk
>Crab Gunner = Goliath
>Soltic = Griffin
>Blockhead = Wolverine
>? = Battlemaster

OK, you asked for it:

Ryosuke Takahashi's anime series Sun's Fang Dougram was created in response
to the success of rival Nippon Sunrise's Mobile Suit Gundam, the first
giant robot series to incorporate valid mechanical principles into its
robot designs. Dougram went Gundam one better, introducing mecha designed
with a hard-edged look appropriate to military hardware, one the reflected
Takahashi's darker view of human nature. Takahashi went on to create
Armored Trooper Votoms, Round Vernian Vifam, Panzer World Galient and Blue
Meteor SPT Layzner, all of which reflected his views of warfare and its
effects on victor and vanquished alike. Dougram was, in many ways, a
mirror image of Gundam -- a gritty, realistic view of futuristic warfare
devoid of glamour.

The setting is the planet Deloyer in the 152nd year of the Space Calendar
(SC 152). Deloyer has declared independence from the United Nations Of
Earth, which has sent an occupation force to insure continued shipments of
the raw materials needed to support Earth's global industrial
complex. Their primary weapons are the Combat Armor machines, which range
from walking tanks to giant humanoids, all armed with the deadly Linear
Guns. The D-7 Dougram is the prototype for a new generation of Combat
Armor: stronger, faster and more maneuverable than any of its
predecessors. When Denon Cashim, governor of Deloyer, orders the
destruction of a rebel stronghold, his son Crinn Cashim takes off in the
Dougram and joins the rebel army known as Guerilla.

Dougram Characters

Crinn Cashim - Active in the rebellion, he eventually takes his father's
place as governor of Deloyer, whose independence is won when global war
destroys civilization back on Earth.

Denon Cashim - Crinn's father and governor of Deloyer, he is caught up and
swept along by events until his untimely death.

Daisy Orsal - Crinn Cashim's fiancee: blonde, blue-eyed and innocent of the
intrigues that surround her.

Helmut J. LeCoque - Vice-governor of Deloyer, he is the true villain of the
piece. The attack on Guerilla that estranged the Cashims was his idea, as
are most of the atrocities committed by the UNE Occupation Forces. He
plays the UNE against Guerilla in hopes of winning absolute dictatorship of
an independent Deloyer and, through its monopoly on natural resources, the
Earth itself. He arranges the assassination of Denon Cashim to move up to
the governorship and tries to force a marriage with Daisy to secure his
position through ties to her family.

Brudoran Garcia - Deloyer's Military Chief Of Staff is a pompous windbag,
firmly in LeCoque's hip pocket.

Rocky Andor - The young redheaded firebrand who formed and leads the rebel
army Guerilla against the UNE Occupation Forces.

Canary Donetto - A young redheaded firecracker and Guerilla
second-in-command, she is Rocky Andor's lover.

Chico Biento - The big, shaven-headed Guerilla weaponeer, he carries a
portable laser cannon called the Big E-Gun.

Festo Bronco - A feisty 18-year-old ex-classmate of Crinn.

Billy Hall - A 16-year-old Guerilla auxiliary, he looks and acts more like
a 12-year-old and hero-worships Crinn.

Georgio Jordan - A former Gran Prix driver, he is now a spy for Guerilla
and go-between for Crinn and Daisy.

Heckle G. Thompson - 24-year-old Guerilla "nerd" who builds, modifies and
maintains their Combat Armor machines.

Nanashi - A huge Guerilla infantryman, built along the lines of the
Incredible Hulk, who comes across as a human tank.

David Samlin - A former professor at Deloyer University, he supplies
information on Combat Armor design and UNE strategies to his former
students in Guerilla.

Backus - Samlin's assistant and Guerilla sympathizer.

Destin - Samlin's assistant and LeCoque's spy, he eventually murders
LeCoque in a fit of anger.

Dick Lertoff - APU reporter and war correspondent, he is an amoral
opportunist who will do anything for a headline.

J. Locke - The one-eyed commander of the UNEOF, he has sworn to avenge his
humiliating defeats by personally killing Crinn.

Von Stein - UNEOF colonel, he is a self-serving gloryhound who hopes to
take Locke's place and, eventually, displace Garcia.

Rick Boyd - UNEOF major, he is fiercely loyal to Locke and will do anything
he orders.

Jacky Zalshiev - UNEOF Combat Armor pilot and ace, he comes the closest to
killing Crinn of anyone except Locke.

The following FASA mecha are known to be taken from Dougram:

BattleTech Sun's Fang Dougram
----------------------- ------------------
BLR-1G BattleMaster Soltic HT-128 Bigfoot
GOL-1H Goliath Abitate F44A CrabGunner
GRF-1N Griffin Soltic H8-RF Roundfacer
SCP-1N Scorpion Abitate F35C BlizzardGunner
SHD-2H ShadowHawk D-7 Dougram (JAKT Type)
TDR-5S Thunderbolt Hasty F4X Ironfoot
WVR-6R Wolverine Abitate T-10C Blockhead

Note that Combat Armor in the service of the Guerilla rebels (such as
Dougram) are marked with a gold-bordered red triangle, while those of the
UNE Occupation Forces are emblazoned with gold chevrons indicating the
Division to which they are assigned (1st, 2nd or 3rd).


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