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><< CCA took place in UC 0093, five years after ZZ. Amuro was 29 in CCA, 24
> ZZ. Char was 36 in CCA and 31 in ZZ if you go by his official age as Char
> Aznable, 34 and 28 if you go by his actual age as Cassoval Lem Daikun. (He
> made himself 18 when he was actually 16 to get into the Zeon military
> academy circa UC 0075.) >>
>But wait if Char was 18 in 0079 he should only be 32 in 0093. And if he was
>16 he should only be 30.

Let me run the math by you again, from a different angle.

Cassoval Lem Daikun was born circa UC 0059 and was 16 circa UC 0075. "Char
Aznable" was therefore given the fictitious birth year of UC 0057 so that
he would be old enough (18) to join the Academy in 0075. Moving forward,
Char's official age is 22 in UC 0079, but his actual (and reported in all
the character specs) age is 20. Moving forward further still, you get the
official and actual ages noted above.


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