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> Did anything happen during the years of 0081-0082, in the UC Gundam time
>line? Would the years of 0081-0082 make for a good Gundam series or O.V.A.?
>They could make it into a side story, if anything noteworthy happened during
>those two years.

Well, let's see:

Shinta, Quess Paraya and Albert Elzena were born circa UC 0081.

On 14 March 0081, the Buffo Konzern established a vocational training
school in order to return some of its profits to the community.

On 28 March 0081, the remnants of the Zeon military arrived at Axis.

On 5 May 0081, Dozle Zabi's widow Xena died of an illness at
Axis. Maharajah Khan assumed command as Regent for Mineva Lao Zabi.

On 15 August 0081, which would've been the 12th Zeon Foundation Day, the
Delaz Fleet began guerilla activity against the Federation.

On 17 September 0081, Anavel Gato returned to the Delaz Fleet and was
promoted to Lieutenant Commander. The Delaz Fleet increased its contact
with Anaheim Electronics at this time, suborning Assistant Director O'Sullivan.

On 3 October 0081, the Federation Assembly approved the EFSF Reconstruction

On 20 October 0081, as part of the EFSF Reconstruction Plan, the Gundam
Development Project started at Anaheim Electronics under the supervision of
Lieutenant General John Cowen.

In November 0081, the Delaz Fleet and the Axis confirmed their alliance.

Alvinishika Keast, who would grow up to be the Colorde terrorist leader
"Annie" in UC 0092, entered junior technical school and Cheiming Noa was
born circa UC 0082. Keast was born in Yakutsk, Siberia, circa UC 0069.

In April 0082, the EFSF secretly established Murasame Psychic Institute and
Augusta Newtype Laboratory.

In May 0082, the first Colony Reclamation Project was started. Repairable
colonies from Side 4 (L5) were transferred to Side 3 (L2).

In December 0082, the Delaz Fleet began MS development in its factory
plants at the Thorn Garden. The result was the MS-21 Dra-C.

> Two more questions. What should a new AC Gundam show be about?

It should be about three volumes.... (^_^); (Sorry, I just couldn't resist!)

Although it's never happened before, it'd be interesting to see the G-Unit
manga series animated. If you absolutely must have the Five G Boys, then
the Episode ZERO (manga) and Blind Target (radio drama and manga)
storylines could also be animated, with just enough rewrite to make
everything old new again.

> Last one, What should a new UC Gundam show be about?

Crossbone Gundam (AKA the F91 Series That Never Was) and Gundam Sentinel
are at the top of my want list here. Blue Destiny and Rise From The Ashes
would make neat little One Year War OVAs on par with Gundam 0080, Gundam
0083 and 08th MS Team. The Tomino side story Hathaway's Flash has gone
begging for over a decade now, as has the classic manga side story Under
The Gundam: Double Fake. There are no continuity busters in any of these,
as was the case with so many of the Gundam manga and side stories
(Stampede, MS Generation, Outer Gundam, etc.), although MS Generation could
be fixed in the screen adaptation. MS Senki would appeal to Zeon lovers,
but I'm not sure how "accurate" it is, continuity-wise -- again, fixable in
the rewrite. Gundam F90 and all of the Formula Wars 0122 and Silhouette
F91 stuff would animate well, I think. I'm not sure how the Cross
Dimension 0079 and its RX-78XX Gundam Pixie vs MS-08TX Efreet fit in, but I
believe there's a story there a la Blue Destiny. And we have a half-dozen
actors in search of a screenplay in last year's Gundam the RPG scenario,
Gundam Kabard....

If it's got to be all-new and original, however, I'd say that whatever
story line they come up with for the next Gundam video game should be
developed as an anime and manga and radio drama, all in parallel, along
with a line of toys and models and cards. GundaMon, anyone?

> Opinions are okay, but I want more on the lines of what kind of new series
>would make logical sense in the UC and AC time lines, okay? I want this
to be
>a logical discussion of what should come next, based on the previous Gundam
>anime, not what someone THINKS should come next. I want factual opinions.

As noted above, an awful lot of logical extensions to the series have
already been made, in just about every aspect of the show. They just never
animated any of them, even though some have become integral parts of the
continuity that may not be ignored.

And why ignore the FC and AW timelines? Just because Gundam-X was a bust,
the whole universe is no good for story telling? That 7th Space War looked
very interesting and, of course, there were six others before it. G-Gundam
is more of a departure -- my only complaint, in fact, is that I can't
really embrace it as a Gundam story -- but there's already been a lot said
about Gundam Fight 7 that would make for an interesting anime.

> I do not mean to sound harsh and rude, but that's part of the question.
>more want :) I want what makes logical sense to come next opinions, not a
>wish list, because a wish list could go around in a never ending circle.

OK, then, I'd like to know what became of Al during the Z/ZZ/Sentinel era,
when he'd be 19 to 20 -- a year younger than Haman Khan, Astonage Medosa,
Beltorchika Irma, Sigman Shade, Rakan Dakaran and Chein Agi; the same age
as Masai Ngaba, Aitolle Holst (Gundam F90), Romero Marvall (V Gundam) and
Dary Niel Guns (Double Fake); and a year older than Jared Mesa, Rosamia
Vadam, Mouar and Alvinishika Keast (Double Fake). For that matter, what
were the survivors of the 08th MS Team doing circa UC 0087? Or the old
folks in V Gundam when they were youngsters circa UC 0093?

There are a billion stories in the One Year War alone. Many of them have
already been written and read repeatedly over the years, but even if you
insist on total originality for the anime there are a number of characters
who've never been seen on screen about whom we'd like to know more. Johnny
Raiden and Shin Matsunaga come to mind, off hand....


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