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> I know that we really don't discuss fansubs. but since ZZ isn't out yet officially (and I will buy it if and when it is made official)I was wondering if anyone could answer the following question.
> A couple posts back, someone mentioned that there were two different quality levels relating to the ZZ VCDs.
> My question is which of the following two ZZ VCD links is for the best quality, or are they both crap?
> Thanks in advance
> Jason

The First boxset

The top boxset has a picture of ZZ Gundam(same one) on every disk and the disks come slotted in a cardboard foldout package. Most of the disks have 3 episodes on them in one large mpg file but for
some strange reason, couple of the disks have the episodes in individual files. I watch vcds on my PC and most of the disks with 3 eps in one file takes 2-5 minutes to start! During this time the
computer completely freezes up. I don't know if similar problem occurs with other PCs , dvd , or vcd players. The disks with eps in individual files start playing straight away and I wished all of
the disks were burned in this format. The set includes all 47 episodes and in my boxset I lost a minute or so of video at the end of a couple of episodes(each the 3rd episode on the disk) due to
manufacturing faults.

Picture and sound quality are average. Not the best available but perfectly OK.
The seller Bluesub is 100% reliable and offers great service.

Second boxset

I have the Z Gundam set made by the same manufacturer and if I had known at the time, I would have opted for this ZZ Gundam set. The disks come stacked in two clear plastic cases. The disks
themselves are generic colour and mirror coated on the top with simple title and volume. The picture and sound quality is comparable with the first boxset, perfectly fine. All the disks contain 3
episodes in one large file but my PC has no problems whatsoever with this format. Every disk starts up straight away and there is no loss of footage due to poor manufacture. This 16vcd set should
contain all 47 episodes. 3 per disk plus two on the last one=16vcds.

I have not dealt with this seller before so I can not vouch for him but seems reliable.

I don't think you can go wrong buying the second ZZ set. Or any other series sets from this manufacturer except the 0079 series which comes on 13vcds(not enough disks to fit 43 episodes! misses 4
epiosdes by using footage from the Movie version).

The first set , however, you will have to hope that you get a good problem free set and their inconsistent choice of format concerns me. I think most of the fault in disks are due to the fact that
they add the fancy pictures to the disks after the they have been burned. The extra handling required probably results in damage to the surface of the disk.

VCD sets from SM Records in Taiwan have the best picture&sound quality + presentation and are the most expensive but couple of the disks in every boxset seems to have plastic or glue splashed onto the
surface on the disks resulting in a loss of few minutes of footage in a couple of episodes.


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