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> Hi,
> Does anyone here know a lot about Dougram? I want to know more about the
> series. I plan to buy Takara's new kits at 1:48 scale with small PEOPLE -
> whee!!! :)
> All I know is that their series of toys made up the bulk of the Robotech
> Defenders sets...
> Also: Their mechs are more well-known by their Battletech names (and they
> had a major influence on some ideas behind Zeta Gundam):
> Dougram = Shadow Hawk
> Crab Gunner = Goliath
> Soltic = Griffin
> Blockhead = Wolverine
> ? = Battlemaster
> Anyway, hope to hear from someone who knows...

Well, oddly enough, I'm buying the 1/48 scale Dougram models to use in a
couple of table top war-games called Warhammer 40,000 and Warzone. 1/48 scale
matches fairly close to the 25-28 mm scale used in Warhammer, and it matches
even better with the 26-30 mm scale used in Warzone. I love the Tequila
Gunner model, because I can place figures on the side platforms and still use
the huge walkers weapon. One of these flanked by a Dougram and Blockhead, or
maybe two Soltecs, is an awesome force to be reckoned with.


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