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Thanks for the info, guys, I figured as much. I spotted the kit on for $11 or so. The price seemed a bit too good to be true,
especially with the MG ZZ coming out soon. I must say, though, that at the
time the original ZZ was out, it was really quite a kit, I had few
complaints about it (well, the head was a bit small, but...)

Peter Savin

>> >Does anyone know anything about the 1/100 ZZ Gundam kit from Academy Is
>> >this the same kit as the Bandai kit with different packaging?
>> Yeap. And the kit uses lower quality plastic, too.
>> >Any info
>> >would be much appreciated. :)
>> >
>> >Peter Savin
>> >
>> You're better off buying the Bandai original, unless price is truly an
>> for you. The Academy kit would require a lot of work, the amount of
>> you save does not really justify it.
>Yes, listen to Eddie.
>It is total duplicate of original Bandai model. They even used same box art
>their package.
>Original Bandai ZZ was bad enough, why would you want to double the
>To me ZZ was one of the worst the worst kit I ever built in my life.
>I hope Bandai fixed all problems on new MG ZZ.
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