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Andrew Dynon
>And I'd
> also like to see a female as the main character, just because there's
> been a female hero in Gundam.

Ok Chris McKenzie wasn't the 0080 main character, but that doesn't
make her not a hero...

As for people wanting to know what happened in 0081 to 0082 according
to 0083 the years between the end of the one year war, and 0083 were a
complete bore. 0080 was nothing but cleaning up the mess, and finding out
who was still alive. 0082 got to be interesting towards the end because 0083
was developing, Delaz fleet was subtly moving in the shadows.

As for wether or not Gundam is due for a fight with aliens, Gundam has been
a human story from the beginning.... Aliens would ruin that...

What is the next UC Gundam, well there is enough of the One Year War we
haven't seen yet to create an Australian "Rise from the Ashes" version of
08th MS team, basically tracking a different MS unit through a different
of the war. Perhaps track an infantry unit through the war Kondo style, 0080
proved you can have a Gundam story without the principle characters being
the Gundam pilot, or even an MS pilot. As long as there is one MS fight per
episode, viewers are happy... They could also animate Blue Destiny, or take
Terry Sanders back into space for Operation Star One to finish the war.

One aspect of 0080 I always fancied as a game master for RPGs was the
"Hunt for Red October" where the Zeon's were the russians... There were
plenty of Yukon submarines left in 0079 at the end of the war, who found
all those guys... Its purely GMs .vs aquamecha, no real Gundams here and
there doesn't have to be.... no more retconns... we have enough left over
from 0080, and the 08th MS team to keep everyone happy. Some people
might call it milking the franchise, but you could just make different
out of the same setting, and mobile suits, Paramount got a lot of mileage
out of Star Trek next gen, by spinning off Deep Space Nine, and Voyager.
They also have characters that can meet each other interact, and crossover
this leaves them room to doubly milk the series because of the crossovers.
Imagine how many times they can repaint the same GM kit as a different
pilots GM if they had three 0079 series going on... three pilots per unit,
maybe bit part characters, seems like 9+ kits to me... and you thought Zaku
repaints were bad...

Oh well time to go...


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