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> Did anything happen during the years of 0081-0082, in the UC Gundam time
>line? Would the years of 0081-0082 make for a good Gundam series or O.V.A.?
>They could make it into a side story, if anything noteworthy happened during
>those two years.
> Two more questions. What should a new AC Gundam show be about?
> Last one, What should a new UC Gundam show be about?

No real ideas for UC, but for AC Gundam, I see the AC universe as
expressing the concerns of the 90s, where the UC Gundam expressed those of
the Cold War era. In the Asian Studies course I studied at university this
year, we learned that there are two main confilicting theories of where the
world will go in the future. One school of thought holds that, with the
end of the cold war, the forces of liberal-democracy have won the final
battle, and it is only a matter of time before the whole world falls into
line (a philosophy which _Endless Waltz_ seems to embrace). The other view
is that dividing lines will be caused not by political ideology, but rather
by culture (hence the breakups of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and
possibly Indonesia) - with almost 200 years of colonisation, the colonies
would probably have time to develop their own cultures, which could be
explored as the root cause of a future AC universe conflict.

        As an aside, I overheard a debate between two fans a couple of weeks ago
at my anime club about the typical "Gundam hero" concept - one thought it
was tired and cliched, while the other argued that it was a classic part of
the Gundam universe and should stay. Later on, I had a thought - wouldn't
the classical "messed-up but talented kid" archetype make a cool VILLAIN?
It wouldn't be so hard to do, either - the angsty kid falls in with the
wrong crowd, who manipulate him, and eventually get him to fully suppourt
their cause. I could see him playing off well against a positive and
optimistic hero - one of the things I liked about Gundam X was that I
don't recall Garoad ever really getting bogged down with angst. And I'd
also like to see a female as the main character, just because there's never
been a female hero in Gundam.

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