Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Thu, 2 Dec 1999 06:00:18 -0500

> Two more questions. What should a new AC Gundam show be about?

 Remember that "Gundam H" fansite? Right; we have G Gundam
for shounen fans... GW for shounen-ai fans... and what's
left? A shoujo gundam series of course! ^^

> Last one, What should a new UC Gundam show be about?

 Hmm... alien beings attacking peace-loving colonies? Ala

> Opinions are okay, but I want more on the lines of what kind of new series
>would make logical sense in the UC and AC time lines, okay? I want this to be
>a logical discussion of what should come next, based on the previous Gundam
>anime, not what someone THINKS should come next. I want factual opinions.

 Hmm... I probably mentioned this before, but why not a
SRW-style G Generation series? That would somehow resolve
all the series.

> I do not mean to sound harsh and rude, but that's part of the question. One
>more want :) I want what makes logical sense to come next opinions, not a
>wish list, because a wish list could go around in a never ending circle.

 Yeah... isn't it great?


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