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> Did anything happen during the years of 0081-0082, in the UC Gundam time
>line? Would the years of 0081-0082 make for a good Gundam series or O.V.A.?
>They could make it into a side story, if anything noteworthy happened during
>those two years.

I'm afraid it would be something along the lines of an isolated battle,
like War In The Pocket.

> Two more questions. What should a new AC Gundam show be about?

Well we've had Street Fighter(G), Bishounen-Sentai(W), and I'm assuming X
borrowed from another genre as well. Maybe Gundam is overdue for a war with

> Last one, What should a new UC Gundam show be about?

That's really not hard at all: Interstellar Exploration. Every war in the
U.C. timeline seems to revolve around Earth's signifcance in the
colonization of space. To set up the Federation/Zeon model of conflict yet
again would be pointless. Evidently this idea was suggested in G-Savior,
but I really see deeper exploration of space being a strong point of
conflict for a new U.C. setting.


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