Danny Kim (danny@lookfx.com)
Wed, 01 Dec 1999 17:58:10 -0800

> >Does anyone know anything about the 1/100 ZZ Gundam kit from Academy Is
> >this the same kit as the Bandai kit with different packaging?
> Yeap. And the kit uses lower quality plastic, too.
> >Any info
> >would be much appreciated. :)
> >
> >Peter Savin
> >pedro@shiporama.org
> You're better off buying the Bandai original, unless price is truly an issue
> for you. The Academy kit would require a lot of work, the amount of money
> you save does not really justify it.

Yes, listen to Eddie.
It is total duplicate of original Bandai model. They even used same box art on
their package.
Original Bandai ZZ was bad enough, why would you want to double the problem.
To me ZZ was one of the worst the worst kit I ever built in my life.
I hope Bandai fixed all problems on new MG ZZ.


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