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> Gundam's reactors are putting out 1380 kW of power. Translate that to
> today's usage, how much is that equivalent to? How many household does it
> average power? How is it compare to reactor output of Seawolf submarine
> reactor?

Not sure on this one, but I'll look it up. The machines I work on, though,
routinely put out 30 to 90 kWs every few minutes, so an MS's reactor isn't
all that far from reality, output wise.

> At episode 12 of 0083, Kou injected himself with something. This is after
> he has been sitting in GP03 for a long duration. What did he inject
> with?

A stimulant. Both Kou and Gato were fighting each others fleets for several
hours. Kou gave himself a boost rather than leave the cockpit and get food
and sleep.


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