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>A couple of questions:
>Gundam's reactors are putting out 1380 kW of power. Translate that to
>today's usage, how much is that equivalent to? How many household does it
>average power? How is it compare to reactor output of Seawolf submarine

I'm not familiar with the Seawolf, so I can't make a comparison, but 1,380
kiloWatts (or 1.38 MegaWatts) is equivalent to 1,849.87 horsepower
(electric) or 329.828 kilocalories per second (thermal). You could run a
small town off that.

>At episode 12 of 0083, Kou injected himself with something. This is after
>he has been sitting in GP03 for a long duration. What did he inject himself

Unidentified. The closest I can find is an identification of the container
from which it is drawn, which is noted as a "emergency kit" -- you can see
that it contains an automatic pistol, what appears to be a bandage pack but
could just as easily be a towelette and three other cylindrical objects
besides the one that Kou selects. I would call this a survival kit, myself.

The injector is similar to the Auto-Injector (tm) issued to American
military members for use in chemical warfare to self-administer Atropine,
an antidote for nerve agents. That's about the only medication that
American military members are allowed to self-inject -- every other field
medication is either oral or topical, including a number of other antidotes
or antagonists.

My guess is that it's a stimulant or a painkiller or a combination of the
two -- a "booster" shot, if you will.


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