Paul Fields (
Wed, 01 Dec 1999 19:00:46 EST

Since we're on the subject of timelines, I've
just finished some more revisions to my One
Year War timeline. This is the second to the
last revision to the timeline for a while so
if anybody is interested please hop over and
look at it.

I'm still rifling through all of Z, and Mark's
great input. The last pass through the listing
will be for clarity, and rewording of new entries
to ensure I'm not ripping folks off...

As Mark suggested I'm also gonna try to tag some
entries with where they come from.

I also took Z's advice and tried to speed it up
be making all of the entires individually sted
of doing this horrendous table it once was.

I also edited out the commentary, its chronology
now, not speculation...

After this I'm going to hit the Dictionary page
and set up a Gundam ranks page with pictures of
each badge, and examples of Characters that held
each rank.

Expect the shameless plugs to come soon...


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