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>>The ZZ story takes place in UC 0088, which by the 2045 AD = UC 0001
>>reckoning would be 2132 AD.
> Just curious, how old was Amuro during UC 0001? Didn't
>CCA took place after the ZZ storyline? If Amuro was already around during UC
>0001, then wouldn't he be around
>80+ yrs. old in CCA? By the way, does one numerical value
>in the Gundam timeline represent a year in ours? Like is
>UC 0001 to UC 0003 = 3 yrs.?

Amuro wasn't anywhere in UC 0001, nor either of his parents. UC 0001 is
the year the first space colony was built, three generations before the One
Year War in UC 0079. Amuro was born 15 years earlier, circa UC 0064, just
about the time that the Federation held its first naval review following
the Year 60 Armament Reinforcement Plan, initiated in response to Side 3's
declaration of autonomy as the Space Colony Republic.

CCA took place in UC 0093, five years after ZZ. Amuro was 29 in CCA, 24 in
ZZ. Char was 36 in CCA and 31 in ZZ if you go by his official age as Char
Aznable, 34 and 28 if you go by his actual age as Cassoval Lem Daikun. (He
made himself 18 when he was actually 16 to get into the Zeon military
academy circa UC 0075.)

UC 0001 is Year 1 of the Universal Century calendar. If that calendar
started in 2045 AD, then UC 0003 would be Year 3 of the UC calendar and
Year 2047 of the AD calendar. The difference between UC 0001 and UC 0003
would be two years, not three. (This is a common mistake, called a "fence
post error" in programming, from the practice of counting fence posts
instead of fence segments between the posts.)

If UC 0001 = 2045 AD, then UC 0079 = 2123 AD. The magic number is 2044 --
add it to a UC year to get the AD year or subtract it from the AD year to
get the UC year. If the AD year comes up 0 or negative, add 1 and call it
BUC.... (^_^)

> Did the AC timeline take place after or before the UC?

Neither. It seems that they're taking this "alternate universe" notion
quite literally and placing the FC, AC and AW timelines parallel to the
UC. If AC happened before UC, we'd know about it. Similarly, AC couldn't
happen after without their history including UC. AW, the After War
timeline of Gundam X, is the 7th Space War and uses UC style technology, so
it could conceivable come after UC, but I don't think there's room for it
between UC and the timeline now being set up as the ultimate progression of
UC in Turn-A Gundam.

In any case, the space colonization and MS development in the AC timeline
is incompatible with that of the UC. Ditto the FC -- the floating islands
can't be reconciled with any known technology, much less something
compatible to UC. So these two, at least, must be in some parallel world
and could, in fact, be going on right now or sometime in the past, relative
to where we are "now" on our AD timeline....


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