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On Wed, 1 Dec 1999 09:37:23 -0500 Kaworu Nagisa <> wrote:
>>The ZZ story takes place in UC 0088, which by the 2045 AD = UC 0001
>>reckoning would be 2132 AD.
> Just curious, how old was Amuro during UC 0001? Didn't
>CCA took place after the ZZ storyline? If Amuro was already around during UC 0001, then wouldn't he be around
>80+ yrs. old in CCA? By the way, does one numerical value
>in the Gundam timeline represent a year in ours? Like is
>UC 0001 to UC 0003 = 3 yrs.?

Amuro was born in UC 0064 or so (ie, he was 15 in 0079). Yes, CCA took place in UC 0092, and ZZ in UC 0088. And finally, one year in the UC calendar is one year in ours.

>>As for the others, G-Gundam takes place in the Future Century timeline,
>>which began with the first Gundam Fight, and Gundam-W takes place in the
>>After Colony timeline, which again starts with the first permanent space
>>colony. G-G is set in FC 60, at the beginning of the 13th Gundam Fight,
>>which is held every four years. (They didn't hold the GF a couple of
>>times, but I can't tell you which years were skipped.) GW is set in AW 195.
> Did the AC timeline take place after or before the UC?

I don't think it has ever been stated specifically, but if Turn A does like some has suggested, and bring all the various series together, then IMO, the AC timeline would have to come after the UC. Here's the order I see the anime series going in:

1) all UC timeline stuff
2) Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz
3) G Gundam (still have to have colonies for this to work)
4) Gundam X (all colonies, or almost all anyways dropped (you have to admit, that was a whole lot of colonies dropped in the opening sequence, esp. concentrated in one small area))
5) Turn A

or, I suppose this could also work, but as I haven't seen G Gundam, I'm not sure of the landscape:

1) all UC timeline stuff
2) Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz
3) The war from the opening sequence of the first ep. of Gundam X
4) G Gundam (surviving colonies align with nations, and then battle on war ravaged Earth)
5) Gundam X (the series itself)
6) Turn A Gundam

The hard part about this version is that you have to explain why, if so many were later found and used, wasn't the mecha from X's big war used in the G Gundam turnaments? That's why I prefer the former. Less problems that way.


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