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> The upcoming Zugok will be avaliable in Char's colour. Based on this trend,
> should we expect a Gelgoog in the near future??? Another upcoming MSiA is
> the
> Gog. At Bandai isn't shying away from big, ugly MSes ...

  A Red Zugock huh? Cool! I hope the MSIA figures continue for a long time.
Each figure will probably get better and better. I expect to see a Sumo from
Turn A soon. They already have the Turn A MSIA, so others from Turn A will
most likely follow.

  I hope they do MSIA's of mecha from shows besides 0079 and Turn A Gundam,
while still making ones of 0079 and Turn A. I like 0079 and Turn A just fine,
but MSIA's from other Gundam shows/movies would be nice, too.

  I'm dreaming, but Garaski MSIA (Tactical Armor in Action?) would also be
nice. There's only 3 types of Mecha from the show, as far as I know. I've
only seen them at, but Bandai also makes Super Robot in

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