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>Do MS use minovsky reactors or Helium 3 reactors? I've
>heard people say both of these so i just want to
>clarify. Also what are the main differences and how do
>they work?

There's no difference. The Minovsky-Ionescu compact fusion reactor fuses
helium-3 and deuterium (hydrogen-2) into helium, with a proton left
over. Since the proton has a positive charge, it can be contained (along
with the rest of the reaction) within the reactor's I-field, where spare
neutrons could not. This makes it both small (about the size of a
refrigerator) and clean (no radiation emission in the form of high-energy
neutrons). For more info, browse:


There's actually very little science fiction to the Minovsky reactor other
than the I-field, which in turn allows for its small size. In operation,
it greatly resembles muon-catalyzed fusion, which was the coming thing in
the 1970s until they discovered that it was economically (not technically)


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