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>>Which ones are you refering to? The 0083 Yutaka/Uni-five figures?
>I am not sure, it is an American website, Splash Page Comics, but they
>appear to bethe same designs as the Yutaka, but I have not seen the Yutaka
>packages, these have all English printing and say 1/220 Mobile Suit. They
>appear to have snap on accessories, so let me say they look like what the
>Yutakas were described as, so I'll assume they are. Would you reccomend

The 1/220 0083 figures are made of vinyl and has minimal articulation. I
definitely wouldn't call them action figures. The overall quality varies from
figure to figure. Generally, the second wave figures made by Uni-five are
better than the first wave figures made by Yutaka. I particularly like the
Gelgoog Marines; those guys really kick ass.

The Banpresto Gashapon Gundams are much cheaper than the 0083 figures and
quality is comparable. In terms of pricing, these are much better buys.


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