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> The VCDs of ZZ Gundam and G Gundam actually retails for less than $50 in
> Singapore. Plus shipping, you'll still end up paying less than $130. Most
> these are unlicensed bootlegs, which accounts for the low prices. If
> not concerned about picture quality and are fine with chinese subtitles,
> vcds are a cheap way to follow the entire gundam saga.

    Hong Kong sometimes had it at an even cheaper price (around $20 to $30
when it's on sale, $40 to $50 when it's not), and the quality really
varies - sometimes, when the VCDs are created from LD, the quality is fine.
If they are from tape, however, then the quality is pretty bad. As for the
quality of the subtitles, most of the Gundams usually have a pretty good
subtitles. I think that if you search through Ebay, I am sure you would find
a better deal than $130, unless you are really desperate and you cannot find
anything cheaper (hell, I saw a place that sell them for $100 over the net,
so $130 is a lot), don't buy from there. If I were you, I would pick VCDs
with "better packaging", when all CD have various "high" quality arts on
them, since they are usually the ones that are high quality (I have seen the
difference between a low quality ZZ and a high quality one, and I must say,
there's a huge difference....)

Edmund Chiu

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