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> >Does anyone know the equivalent of the timeline used in
> >Gundam with the timeline we actually use? To be specific,
> >what year in the real world would the ZZ story will have taken place? How
> >about the G and W series? I need the info
> >for a fanfic. Thanks...
>The UC timeline is the only one that evenly remotely connects to our
>Gregorian calendar and, even there, the Powers That Be have gone to great
>lengths to blur exactly where that connection occurs.
>As noted in other posts, the UC begins whichever year the first space
>colony was built, but early timelines had an entry "2045 AD ~ UC 0001" that
>put it sometime after 2045. Many fans of the day read that as "2045 AD =
>UC 0001" and it's not that bad a convention, as it gives a point of
>continuity that preserves the 4-year cycle of the leap year. Recent
>timelines have not only gotten rid of this entry, but also all entries
>between the present day and UC 0001.
>The ZZ story takes place in UC 0088, which by the 2045 AD = UC 0001
>reckoning would be 2132 AD.
>As for the others, G-Gundam takes place in the Future Century timeline,
>which began with the first Gundam Fight, and Gundam-W takes place in the
>After Colony timeline, which again starts with the first permanent space
>colony. G-G is set in FC 60, at the beginning of the 13th Gundam Fight,
>which is held every four years. (They didn't hold the GF a couple of
>times, but I can't tell you which years were skipped.) GW is set in AW 195.
>Mark's got the official Shindosha UC and AW timelines at his Gundam Project
>If the Roxen server doesn't allow you to go directly to the page, go to:
>Click the World icon, then click either the UC Timeline or AC Timeline links.
>I've got my own UC timeline, combining the Shindosha UC timeline with birth
>date backformations and items derived from the anime or historical
>information posted here, but each such addition is a possible point of error:
>And, as previously posted, my explanation of the various UC calendar
>connection points, with their pros and cons, and why I chose the 2045
>convention, is at:
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