Jorge Lee (
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 20:03:54 -0500

>>Basically, I can get the Entire VCD collection of ZZ Gundam, G Gundam,
>>L-Gaim, or Aura Shooter Dunbine for $130 each, or I can pay $150 for the
>>Macross one. Are any of them worth it?
>Dude, why would you pay $130 for them when they go for under $50 on eBay?
>Those sellers are from Singapore, so shipping shouldn't be too expensive
>for you.

The VCDs of ZZ Gundam and G Gundam actually retails for less than $50 in
Singapore. Plus shipping, you'll still end up paying less than $130. Most of
these are unlicensed bootlegs, which accounts for the low prices. If you're
not concerned about picture quality and are fine with chinese subtitles, these
vcds are a cheap way to follow the entire gundam saga.


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