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>I've got a question about the V2 Assault type... what's with the
>extremely large

I-field generator x 2.

>And in one episode of V Gundam, I saw that the V2 buried itself on the
>ground, full
>thrust while some Zolo parts ( legs) are passing by, as those parts
>passed by the "wings
>of light" , they like malfunctioned and crashed down... is that some
>sort of Minovsky
>jamming technology?

Probably sliced -- the "beam wings" are the same I-field enclosed plasma as
the beam saber or beam shield, a by-product of the V2's Minovsky Drive.

>Last one, isn't it that minovsky particles jam communications? Well,
>what kind of
>link does the separate components of the V, V2, Hexa gundam, Zolo use to
>enable it to
>connect and not miss out their combinations?

Minovsky particles only block electromagnetic waves in the long end of the
spectrum: microwaves, FM radio, TV, AM radio. Shorter wavelengths -- from
visible light through ultraviolet to X and gamma rays -- are not
absorbed. Laser communications at optical to ultraviolet wavelengths work
just fine, but are directional along the line-of-sight.

Laser weaponry is conspicuously absent from the Gundam universe, as are
rail guns and other SDI/"Star Wars" technologies developed a decade after
the first Gundam series. An X-ray laser would, I think, be devastating....


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