Peter Savin (
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 14:37:01 -0800

>Basically, I can get the Entire VCD collection of ZZ Gundam, G Gundam,
>L-Gaim, or Aura Shooter Dunbine for $130 each, or I can pay $150 for the
>Macross one. Are any of them worth it?

I just bought the whole ZZ Gundam series on VCD for $40, so $130 seems
really expensive. My understanding is that most of these VCD collections
are really bootlegs (the one I got certainly is, it's obviously digitized
from videos taped off of TV). It did come with nice full color packaging,
but ordered from Singapore, Japanese with Chinese subtitles, it's gotta be a
boot. I may be wrong though, there's certainly a possiblity of 'authorized'
VCD collections. Check out eBay, there's a constant flow of Gundam VCD
collections being auctioned.

Peter Savin

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