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> However, I hope and pray that this isn't a sign that ADV is slipping in
> quality. Their series like Evangelion, Battle Angel, Sorceror Hunters,
> Powerdolls, etc. all had very good English dubs done. I just hope they
> t let success go to their heads, and aren't trying to get too much out at
> once at the expense of quality.
> Thanks in advance for any answers that come my way, and sorry for going to
> such length for something that is not related to Gundam.
> Roland
> Note: I still prefer to watch dubs, simply because I'm usually too lazy to
> put in the concentration required for subtitles (unless it is a very good
> series, say Gundam, Fushigi Yuugi, Macross or Escaflowne).

Wow, that's a lot a complaining about such a trivial matter. Grow up.


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