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>It was a change of audience.
>The Gundam Wing TV series was aimed at the kids, with bright primary colors
>and a line of toys, some with electronic sound effects. There were models,
>too, of course, but older fans were not really considered at first.

I was pretty indifferent to the original designs, their proportions
reminded me to much of G Gundam. After I was impressed by the EW designs
though, I took a new look at the older versions and grew to like the Epyon
and the older Heavyarms.

>The Gundam Wing OVA series, Endless Waltz, was targeted at an older
>audience, with more "realistic" somber colors and a line of models.

Feathers* aside, the EW designs had much stronger detail, bringing them
closer to the (subjective) realism of U.C. designs (particularly the
Sentinel and CCA designs). They're not necessarily more practical than the
Wing Designs (did I mention the feathers*?), but they were certainly a lot
easier to take seriously.


*If the feathers on the Wing Custom seem overly baroque, look back to the
increasingly-ornamental shoulder-spikes on the Zaku family of designs.
Starting with the Gouf, the spikes quickly became simple decoration instead
of the often-assumed role as close-quaters weapons.

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