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>Kaworu Nagisa wrote:
>> Does anyone know the equivalent of the timeline used in
>> Gundam with the timeline we actually use? To be specific,
>> what year in the real world would the ZZ story will have taken place? How
>about the G and W series? I need the info
>> for a fanfic. Thanks...
>In Zeta Gundam I saw a photo that gave the date of 2134.

Could you be a little more specific?

In the eighth episode of the Z Gundam, Dark Side Of The Moon, there's a
famous astronomical photograph with the date "Sept 20, 2087" stamped on it,
which got a lot of fans setting the start date of the UC as 2001, but this
is the first time I've ever heard of any other date appearing in that series.

This date is very close to the date you get by starting in 2045, which
would place Z Gundam circa 2131. If this date is true and correct and Z
Gundam is set in 2134, then the start date for the UC calendar would be
circa 2047.

So where, exactly, did you see this? What episode? What circumstances?

Inquiring (and skeptical) minds want to know....


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