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Ok, I did come on a bit strongly about dubbed and fansubbed anime in my last message, but I still agree with most of what I said. However, a couple new series put out by ADV has me wondering if they are starting to slip in their quality. Perhaps you guys might be able to help me before I go spending the increased money for the subbed tapes as well. The two series I'm talking about are Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 and Martian Successor Nadesico. Actually, I just want to complain about the latter; my question really only concerns the former.

In the English dub of Tokyo 2040 by ADV, the opening and ending songs are both still in the original Japanes with the tradition of having the first ep's subbed in english and the second ep's subbed in romanji. No problem so far. The problem I'm having (and I'm not sure if it is a real problem or not, seeing as how I haven't seen the episodes in japanese yet) is that all of Priss's songs in the episodes themselves are in English. Thus, my question is, for anyone who knows, were the two or three songs you hear her singing in the first 6 episodes in English in the original tv release in Japan, or is ADV making the same mistake Animeigo made in the original OAV. Ie, is ADV redubbing these songs in English rather than leaving them in Japanese as they should and as they have always done before in their previous releases?

Now, as for the English Dub of Nadesico, I'm afraid I have to agree with many of the complaints stated in a review of it made in vol. 7, issue 11 of Animerica. The voice actors of the English dub do seem a little too fast in releasing their lines when compared to the original Japanese version of the show (I have the first 3 ep in English (all that has been released so far), and the entire series in a fansubbed format). One character I really have a problem with is Ruri, who has nowhere near the robotic monotone (in the English dub) she should have, and did have, in the original Japanese. The only 2 characters I really like the voices for are Akito and Yurika. Spike Spencer is doing as great a job for Akito as he did for Shinji, which should come as no surprise considering Akito was most likely based partially on Shinji. And Yurika is just as cutely annoying to him as ever. Of course, that brings up another problem with the english dub in that Yurika is pronounced as eureka (sp!
? I think you all should know what I mean) instead of Your-ee-ka (tried to get the pronounciation spelled out that time), so like the article in Animerica said, the ship sounds like it is "full of Greek philosophers endlessly rediscovering the secret of calculating density via bathtub-water displacement." Another point of contention is that many of the characters try to pronounce the Nadesico's name in 3 sylables rather than four, making it kind of grate on the ears.

However, I hope and pray that this isn't a sign that ADV is slipping in their quality. Their series like Evangelion, Battle Angel, Sorceror Hunters, Powerdolls, etc. all had very good English dubs done. I just hope they haven't let success go to their heads, and aren't trying to get too much out at once at the expense of quality.

Thanks in advance for any answers that come my way, and sorry for going to such length for something that is not related to Gundam.


Note: I still prefer to watch dubs, simply because I'm usually too lazy to put in the concentration required for subtitles (unless it is a very good series, say Gundam, Fushigi Yuugi, Macross or Escaflowne).

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