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On Tue, 30 Nov 1999 21:57:23 +0800 Winn Sevilla <> wrote:
>Hahaha! here's some add ons!
>1. The gundam would shoot perfectly. The Zakus never hit a decent target of the

Um, it was already pretty much like this in the movie compilations (the only version of the original Gundam 0079 series I've seen unfortunately), except for the "named" Jion guys, at least later on in the series once Amuro has the hang of the Gundam (well, kinda in the beginning as well).

>2. The gundam pilot would have his girlfriend or whole family killed, and he'd
>swear revenge on their name.

Pretty much here too. Remember Lalah Sun? And Amuro's father too (in a way); Frau's and Sayla's/Char's parents; Kai's spy lover; Kou's mentor, South Burning; Seabook's colony; etc..

>3. Vice versa for the antagonist (evil) main character... hence the ONLY IN THE
>PHILIPPINES "Ubusan ng Lahi" (Extinction of family line) where both kills their
>opponents relatives for revenge until no family is left.

Ok, the original wasn't QUITE this bad...although Char's vengeance against the Zabi's comes close.

>4. All mobile suits would use .45 pistols and M-16 automatic rifles with grenade

And visions of Patlabor flash in my head...mechs with revolvers...ARGH!!!!!!!


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