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> >At 20:42 11/29/1999 +0800, you wrote:
> > >I'm new to the gundam scene. I just saw Endless
> Waltz on VCD and my
> > >curiousity has been thoroughly aroused. I was
> just wondering, why the
> > >radical change ("custom" as Bandai puts it) in
> the look of four of the
> > >gundams? Is there a reason within the story? Or
> was it just an artistic
> > >whim?
> >
> >It was a change of audience.
> >
> >The Gundam Wing TV series was aimed at the kids,
> with bright primary colors
> >and a line of toys, some with electronic sound
> effects. There were models,
> >too, of course, but older fans were not really
> considered at first.
> >
> >The Gundam Wing OVA series, Endless Waltz, was
> targeted at an older
> >audience, with more "realistic" somber colors and a
> line of models.
> >
> >-Z-
> Hmmm...that makes sense. Somehow, I now prefer to
> collect the endless
> waltz kits over the tv series sets. For a while, I
> thought the story
> included some major overhauls of the machines. But
> that didn't seem to
> jive with the fact that Endless Waltz started with a
> scene from the final
> space battle in AC 195 showing the gundams with
> their new look. So that
> really got me puzzled. Plus a couple of flashbacks
> within the 3 episodes
> showed the new designs in the middle of the TV
> series story (that of Duo
> Maxwell preparing to blow up Deathscythe while it
> was lying on its back,
> and Trowa Barton assuming his identity after the
> real Trowa had just been
> killed with Heavyarms in the background).
> Overall, the new designs are great. I especially
> like Deathscythe which is
> why I couldn't resist acquiring the limited edition
> coated 1/100 HG model
> while it is still affordable here in Manila. I
> kinda agree with some
> people who find the Wing Zero design with feathers a
> bit peculiar. But I'm
> quite interested in the "special operations type"
> coated version of the
> 1/100 model. Thanks for the insight in the new
> look.
> Joshua

actually, i thought the EW gundams were a step down in
terms of coolness and realism. notice the wing zero
and deathscythe hell don't have boosters or thrusters
and still fly. :P and given their really really odd
appearance (feathers for heero, and bats for duo), i
found it hard to take them seriously.

the EW nataku can't really wield that beam trident
without it's dragon arm contraptions (which snake out
indefinitely in the show, eek!) getting in the way.
the arms were designed badly and just don't measure up
to the folding arm design of the tv series' nataku.

i found the new sandrock as unremarkable as the
original. the cloak was pushing it though. :P too
bad they didn't redesign the maganarc suits.

i liked only the EW heavyarms (no army knife! :P).
but that also has to do with the tv heavyarms sucking
big time.

i have mixed reactions to the tallgeese (all three of
them). they all look good on paper (or animation cel,
in this case) but disappoint in real plastic. the
boosters are mounted awkwardly on the shoulders and
the cannons offer an ugly grip. there's not a whole
lot of posing and playing around that you can do with
the tallgeeses. (what's the plural of tallgeese?)

the leo, taurus and aries didn't get any redesigns,
which is a pity. i loved those rank & file mechs.
the serpent was nice though.

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