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Hahaha! here's some add ons!

1. The gundam would shoot perfectly. The Zakus never hit a decent target of the
2. The gundam pilot would have his girlfriend or whole family killed, and he'd
swear revenge on their name.
3. Vice versa for the antagonist (evil) main character... hence the ONLY IN THE
PHILIPPINES "Ubusan ng Lahi" (Extinction of family line) where both kills their
opponents relatives for revenge until no family is left.
4. All mobile suits would use .45 pistols and M-16 automatic rifles with grenade

"James L. Ravelo II" wrote:

> Richie Ramos wrote:
> > If it were directed by a FIlipino director, then it would come out in three
> > possible ways:
> >
> > 1) it would turn into a nonsense story with sudden outbursts of song and
> > dance numbers...
> >
> > 2) it would focus on the sex lives of the characters.
> >
> > 3) it would have gundams with no ammo limitations.
> <naughty mode on>
> Hehehehehehe...I think they'll go for possibility #2, and maybe they'll
> show a director's cut at the U.P. Film Center...hahahhahaa...
> <naughty mode off>
> just had to get that one out guys...^_^

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