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I'm creating an Aestivalis Hangar Diorama with the 1/48 Bandai Models of the
Aestis. It's a task that I will enjoy because I haven't built a diorama in a
while - and none ever of this size.

But, since I enjoy doing this, and I am a glutton for punishment... :)

OK - I have the minimum loadout of the Nadesico's hangar bay - correct me if
I'm wrong on my estimate... or if you guys have better data...

I know that the Nadesico can accomodate more... if so, what's the maximum
number of Aesti loadouts it can use?

1 Proto Aesti
3 Aerial Battle Frames (Jun Aoi used an extra one in the Omoikane/SD
RuriAkito episode...)
2 Artillery Frames
4 OG Aestis - (3 girls, 1 Akito)
1 Akatuki Custom
1 Type 1-B (Space Ganger Heavy Weapon Type!!!) - I plan to scratchbuild

There are some stuff I need though to make it work.

1) Do you guys have any reference pics for the Nadesico's hangar?
Particularly a tech spec or guide that shows how the hangar is built. I
can't estimate the look of the hangar from watching - as the show gives me
confusing images to work with. Maybe some data as to its size and width... I
know it fills one deck of the Nadesico... How big is the Nadesico anyway?

2) I need to know more about the loadout vehicles the Nadesico hangar bay
uses - particularly the loading truck that they use to move the Aestis (end
of the Seiya/Hikaru episode), the forklifts - just the stuff that they

3) Suggestions on how to build it. I already have some idea. But I need some
more ideas to work on. I plan to get Hasegawa's 1/48 air crews for people -
but I need more stuff to help complete it. I already have an idea for the
crates though.


Hope to hear more from this list...


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