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Ok, since I've been beating this around for a while now, the
Feds used Shoulder boards, not collars for their uniforms.
The same shoulder symbols DID appear on their collars on
their space suits.

The Zeons used neck collars, for space suits, and regular
uniforms, as well as the cape/shirt eagle's wing symbols.
For officers, the embriodery on the back of their collars is
as symbolic as the eagle wings on their chest.

Both armies begin with a plain rectangle for their lowest
soldiers, the fed's is a completely red rectangle. The Zeon
have a single stripe over the entire shape, it looks like an
escalator going up from left to right. According to the books
I have they then add a dot for the next rank, star trek next
generation style, and a second dot for the highest of these
three soldier's ranks.

The second Tier of ranks is the same as the first, but the
Feds put a gold stripe across the red badge in the middle.
Whereas the Zeon put a border around the whole badge. In
this you get the one stripe for the lowest rank, one dot on
the badge for 'gunso' or sargeant, and two dots again for the
top of this grade 'socho' which is sargeant major.

The third Fed tier or grade begins putting stars on the white
stripe, a Petty officer has one star even though the Japanese
word I have for Petty Officer isnt the same as the Kanji in the
book, its the rank on the badge Al's friend has in 0080. Kanji
on the chart says its a 'shoi' or Second Lieutenant. The next
rank gets two stars which is the 'chui' or first lieutenant, and
third rank here gets three stars on the white stripe for taii or
captain. All of these are classified as 'ikan' or company officers.
the middle of the red badge... everyone with me so far. The
Zeon equivalents now change to a two stripe symbol that looks
like a "Y" laying on its side. They is "no dot" for 2nd Lt. "one"
for the 1st Lt., and "two dots" for the Capt. If you watch 0080
the badge Bernie gives Al goes from being that of a 2nd Lt.
to being a 'shosa' or Major later in the series when it has
three stripes but no dot.

The next tier up is Field officers the red stripe across the
middle with gold trim on both sides of the red stripe. The
First rank 'shosa' or Major has only one star. The second
rank 'chusa' or Lieutenant Colonel has two stars. The third
one 'taisa' has three stars and is equal to colonel. These
are all Army ranks. Navy ones are given too, but I don't feel
confident enough in my maritime faculties to attempt them.
Zeon ranks are same as the last set only with three stripes.

The next up are the so called General Officers the feds use
the red badge, one gold stripe, and two huge red bands and
gold trim on the outside in the form of two thin bands. The
third one with three stars is an admiral or general, the other
two with only one and two stars I'll have to work on. In Zeon
at this level you go to an entirely different system and go by
the Eagle feathers pattern on yous shirt/cape or your huge
collar embriodery.

I'll try to post all of these to my web site as soon as possible.

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  Had anybody noticed that there isn't a way to tell what the ranksare in Zion ?
  The federations uses the old military badges on the uniform collar, but what did the Zions use to tell their rank apart ? I don't see badges anyway on the Zion uniform unless you consider the wavy design on the cape-like thing which is part of the formal uniform the badges.

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