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> Not that short, just fine. Evangelion had 26 episodes...
> I think Flame of Recca and Weiss Kreuz are even shorter.

Flame of Recca has at least 42 episodes, I think that's the total number.
Most new American cartoons have about 13 episodes, then the season ends.
Beast Machinces is going to end after its second season, which also has 13
episodes. That's 26, during a two year period(1999 and 2000)! Talk about low
episode count! Most anime series run longer compared to American cartoons(at
least the new ones). Now, DigiMon is showing lots of new episodes in
America. They mix the new ones up with reruns, though. Weekdays are usually
reruns and Saturdays, they show one rerun, then one new one.

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