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>Does anyone know the equivalent of the timeline used in
>Gundam with the timeline we actually use? To be specific,
>what year in the real world would the ZZ story will have taken place? How
>about the G and W series? I need the info
>for a fanfic. Thanks...

The UC timeline is the only one that evenly remotely connects to our
Gregorian calendar and, even there, the Powers That Be have gone to great
lengths to blur exactly where that connection occurs.

As noted in other posts, the UC begins whichever year the first space
colony was built, but early timelines had an entry "2045 AD ~ UC 0001" that
put it sometime after 2045. Many fans of the day read that as "2045 AD =
UC 0001" and it's not that bad a convention, as it gives a point of
continuity that preserves the 4-year cycle of the leap year. Recent
timelines have not only gotten rid of this entry, but also all entries
between the present day and UC 0001.

The ZZ story takes place in UC 0088, which by the 2045 AD = UC 0001
reckoning would be 2132 AD.

As for the others, G-Gundam takes place in the Future Century timeline,
which began with the first Gundam Fight, and Gundam-W takes place in the
After Colony timeline, which again starts with the first permanent space
colony. G-G is set in FC 60, at the beginning of the 13th Gundam Fight,
which is held every four years. (They didn't hold the GF a couple of
times, but I can't tell you which years were skipped.) GW is set in AW 195.

Mark's got the official Shindosha UC and AW timelines at his Gundam Project



If the Roxen server doesn't allow you to go directly to the page, go to:


Click the World icon, then click either the UC Timeline or AC Timeline links.

I've got my own UC timeline, combining the Shindosha UC timeline with birth
date backformations and items derived from the anime or historical
information posted here, but each such addition is a possible point of error:


And, as previously posted, my explanation of the various UC calendar
connection points, with their pros and cons, and why I chose the 2045
convention, is at:



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