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> Where did you hear that they were only making 26 episodes ?
> Episode 33 aired on Friday 26th November. Episode titles for 34(03 Dec) and
> 35(10 Dec) have already been announced, and Episodes 36 and 37 have been
> confirmed.

Yeah, 26 episodes is too short. Escaflowne was 26 episodes long, though,
wasn't it? Turn A will, like you say, probably run at least 40 episodes. Turn
A must be doing alright, since its at almost 40 episodes now. It's doing
better then Gundam X, because wasn't X for only 20 epsiodes and then it was

> One odd rumour is
> that they are taking the Kapool to space as well. : )

  Well, from reading the episode reviews on the site I posted the URL to,
Soshie has a Kapool. They will either give her a new mecha or she will take
the Kapool to space. She is one of the central character's, right? It says
she is also testing out a space suit. Of course, they could do something
totally different, then we can guess they will do.

  But, can the Kapool be modified for space? I assume it could be, with the
right parts.


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