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08th MS team Starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan

On his way to Earth Shiro Yamada (Jackie Chan) saves and brings down to earth
with him Sanders (Chris Tucker) when they reach earth and meet up with the
rest of the Team Sanders is unsure of Shiro's abilities in earth battle:

Sanders: "Man!! do you know how to how to do earth combat?!!"

Shiro: * smiles and pushes a button


Sanders: "waaaaaaaaaaah!! Don't you ever touch an earthnoids vernier

An alarm sounds as a Zeon troops close in on the teams location.

Shiro quicky jumps into his RX-79G and destroys 5 Zaku's.

Sanders: Man, why you gotta trick me like that man!!

Shiro: Like What?

Sanders: I thought you didn't know how to use an MS on earth.

Shiro: you just ASSUMED I couldn't use an MS on earth!!

They get out of thier MS's and Zeons are all over the place, some kicks and
punches and Sanders and Shiro win the battle.

- Roger

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