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>> A few of my own:
>> J. Michael Straczyniski's (sp?) Gundam: Fans will love it, but it won't
>> rate, and it will finish prematurely. He will be offered a chance to make
>> Zeta Gundam, but will get in an argument with the execs and walk out.

        Heck, Babylon 5 is halfway to being an O'Neill cylinder
already... ^_^

>> Joss Whedon's Gundam: For every generation there is a chosen one. When
>> one series ends, the next Gundam pilot will be called... (hey, wait a
>> minute!)
>John Woo's Gundam: A running gun fight between mobile Suits through, around,
>and under a space colony. Stars Chu-yung Fat is an older, imbittered Amuro,
>and Nicolas Cage is an out of control Char.
        Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that already actually exist
as Chars Counterattack? ^_^

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