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>Already found stuff at Lil's Futaba that might be of use, like small Gas
>pumps and stuff. No repair bay people yet. All are in 1:35 - too big for my

You could also try some shops which have train set stuff. I forgot the
name na...also, look in matchbox and hot wheels stuff.

>Nova doesn't have crap anymore. They're clearing or have cleared all
>inventory as we speak. They've decided to abandon their former wares (RPGs,
>scale models, RCs) and concentrate on gift toys like Pokemon.

Yeah, I've been noticing that, and it's ironic since some of my very first
gundam kits were bought there..

>Anyway, does anyone have pics of Mecha hangars? I need references - the ones
>in Nadesico were just too chaotic for my taste. Stuff like White Base's or
>other mecha hangars of note.

Might I suggest looking at 0083 stardust and f91? they had good hangar
ppics....V also. other mecha hangear stuff would be the detail from the
superrobot stuff like mazinger Z and Voltes V, as well as the hangar detail
from Voltron/Dairugger 15.

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