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Hey guys, I'm trying to build a list of
all the plot complications brought on by
the gundam character's mysterious history.

Examples are Char's father being killed
and then changing his identity to exact
his revenge. While Salya with the same
exact background seeks another path out
of love for her father's memory.

The terrible background of blackballed for
characters like Terry Sanders, and or the
Earth forces commander Garma Zavi, Cima is
not able to join with any of the other Zeon
forces after the war, the Earth volunteers
in the Zeon Earth forces are kind of second
class as well. Ranba Ral is a perfect example.

I have the character background generators
from Animag, and Mekton but I want genuine
Gundam feel to the ones I'll be using.

Traitor - the professor who builds the Blue
destiny, or Michael the Irish spy who boards
White Base looking for information. The Zeon
engineers working for Anaheim Electronics or
Cima Fleet working for the Feds are great too.

Zeon ally/Fed Ally - 08th MS team continues
the Amuro/Lalah tradition of love your enemy
with Shiro/Aina, some might see this also in
Nina/Gato or Char/Salya... notice its always
one guy one girl... even Yu Kajima has Blue's
newtype girl in the coma... Oh I almost left
out Chris and Bernie...

Flashback/Nightmares - Shiro keeps remembering
what happened to him at side 2, and Char/Amuro
keep having Lalah talk to them... so maybe this
one needs to include hallucinations too...

Anyone else have some ideas...


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