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Mon, 29 Nov 1999 10:46:54 EST

>From: Lim Jyue <>
> >John Woo's Gundam: A running gun fight between mobile Suits through,
> >and under a space colony. Stars Chu-yung Fat is an older, imbittered
> >and Nicolas Cage is an out of control Char.
> You know what's the scary part? This might actually be worth the
>money to see, just for all those cool gunfights. =)

Okay now I got the direction for my animation
project, which was gonna be a retcon of a few
choice OYW scenes to see how they'd be done if
they were done today.

Of course you know in the John Woo version there
are NO BEAM SABERs, just 08th MS team style guns.

Oh hmmmmm.... Chow Yun Fat as Terry Sanders...

"I have this problem, on every third mission"

   "what's that"

"the rest of my team dies" (Is that a John Woo
type plot complication or what?)


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