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>Anyway, I've been planning to make a diorama of a Mecha Hangar Bay -
>specifically - of the Aestivalises of the Nadesico.
>The scale is 1/48 - around the same scale as the old Dougram/Robotech
>Defenders kits.
>What I would like to know is if there are any available products of people,

>sets or vehicles of that scale. Specifically - I'm looking for stuff that
>would fit right at home on an aircraft carrier bridge. Any ideas and stuff

>would help - decals, etc.
>If possible, anything recent and not some rare kit I'd have to pay $100 for.

>But suggestions of this kind are welcome. I don't have any alternatives as

>of yet...

Hmmmmm...Fed, here in the philippines there are a lot of 1/35, but 1/48 you
might have to make halungkat a lot of the old shops to find decent props. I
would suggest Nova Fontana and Lil's-Futaba.

>Thanks, this is the best ML I've been to yet...

it gets better.
"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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